Hotel Reservation

Do you support Multi-language ? Yes, We understand every users needs in today's internet experience which is not powered by single language anymore. Our Travel Agent Solutions come with multi-lingual features that let you use as many languages on your website as you wish. You can add as many translated version of your website online as you like without compromising on SEO features.

Do you support arabic language and the RTL template ? Yes RTL is supported. Please check our demo by selecting S.Arab flag.

Can I run a copy of the script on two or more domains ? Unfortunately No. You are purchasing a license to use the script only on one domain. You should order an additional license for every other domain.

How difficult is it to install the software ? If you have basic experience managing a web site and understand how to use FTP and set permissions you will find the process quite easy. To install the software you simply upload the files to your server, set a few permissions, then run the installation wizard. We also offer free professional installation if you require it.

How many users can your software support? Our accommodation booking script does not impose any limit on the number of users you can have in your community; however, please note that a growing community will always consume more resources over time.

What if I can't install Scripts myself? If you find that the installation process is too technical for you to complete, Eicra Team can install it for you within 1 business day. Installation is $50 and available during checkout or anytime after your purchase.

Can our customer pay us through online credit card ? Yes, your potential customer can pay online. Presently we are supporting Paypal and 2Co payment gateway. We are in the process of adding more payment gateways in near futures.

Can I upgrade from Milti-User license later on ? Yes, you can upgrade user license into enterprise license at any time. We will do this up-gradation without any data loss.

How do I join room with corresponding hotel or vice versa? You are free to add as many rooms and hotels as you want. Since pricing demands on rooms types, we have an wonderful joining interface to join room with a hotel or vice versa which makes it simple.

How can I create room inventory and room pricing based on various hotels ? Well, the application provides a wonderful GUI allowing you managing room's inventories, booking calendar and it's pricing as you wish. There is an especial mapping interface help you indicating each rooms to belonging hotels.

Adding / Managing Rooms :
Logon to ADMIN => Hotel Management => Add new room section, where you can add as many rooms as you want. Furthermore, it gives you full control of adding price, inventory, booking calendar and many more. Please create as many rooms as you want keeping in mind that, these rooms will be joined to respective hotel afterwards for booking based on the settings you will be doing here.

Adding / Managing Hotels :
Logon to ADMIN => Hotel Management => Add new hotel / property , where you can add as many hotels as you want. While creating new hotel, you can indicate (Multi selection) the belonging rooms which was preset earlier (explained above) for better representation in frontend so that visitor to book according to availability and pricing.

Joining room to a hotel or vice versa :
If you requires to update or synchronize rooms against a hotel, You can logon to ADMIN = >Hotel Management => Manage Room or ADMIN = >Hotel Management => Manage hotel. Find and click the "Chain icon" link image under the "Action" on rightmost column. This interface allows you to join a room to corresponding hotel or vice versa.

Before place order you are most welcome to take a look into our Hotel Reservation Demo

Can our customer pay through online credit card ?
Yes, your potential customer can pay online. Presently we are supporting Paypal and 2Co payment gateway. We are in the process of adding more payment gateways in near futures.

General FAQ

Can I get a refund for my purchase? Yes, as long as your order was made within 30 Days you are fully entitled to request a refund with No Questions Asked!".

Can I remove the "Powered by" notice? If you wish to remove the "powered by" link from one installation of Eicra's product you should purchase the copyright removal license.

Please note that this does not allow you to remove or alter the our logo in the Admin Area. You can purchase this option on checkout, or at a later time from your client area.".

Can you customize this product for me? Unfortunately we do not provide custom development. We believe that we have become one of the leading development firms in our space by focusing on the improvement of our products as opposed to spending the majority of our time focusing on product modifications. However, you will find that our code is of very high quality.

If you were to hire a skilled, local developer they should be able to make any modifications you need in order for our product to satisfy your project requirements."

How long does it take to process my order? We process all orders automatically which means as soon as you have paid for the software you will be given access to our client area where you can view and download your software.

Is PHP source are encoded? Can I get the source? The entire web application is developed under PHP MY-SQL platform using ZEND framework. The source coded in Encoded which is not human readable to edit/ modify. The core business logic is not changeable but you will full freedom to customize the design theme. If you a web developer or hire a web developer you should be able to develop new module as you need.

We do allow 100% freedom to customize your design (layout / theme) based on your likings. Since the entire product has been develop under CMS concept , you will enjoy full freedom of changing design css, javascript, phtml, image as per desire. Furthermore you can hire us to customize the design for you at a cost of USD $145 only. If you want us to hire for this changes, please add "Theme Customization" module with the cart when ordered ".

Is the license a life time license? Do I have to pay any additional fees? The license you purchase is a lifetime license, and you do NOT need to pay license fees at any time after your purchase. There are no additional monthly or yearly fees to use the software.

Please note that this does not allow you to remove or alter the our logo in the Admin Area. You can purchase this option on checkout, or at a later time from your client area."

Do you offer phone support? We don't offer phone support at this time. However you may use the help desk to contact our sales team and we'll be happy to assist you. We don't outsource sales and technical questions to 3rd parties. All questions are usually answered within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you.

Can you install this product for me ? Our Script installation wizard gets you up and running quickly through Step by Step Instructions.

While it's easy enough to set up yourself, if you would prefer us for professional installation and configured by our developers, you can order our "Installation Service" when you purchase the product and we will install the script for you. If you want us to install, please make sure you provide us the FTP and Mysql login credentials (Preferably hosting Control panel access). We will require the ability to remotely connect to your web server and database server. ".

Do you have any additional methods of payment besides credit card or PayPal? We accept both cheque, Western Union and direct wire transfers. For more information regarding these forms of payment, please Contact Us.

I don't know anything about programming, can I still run your application? Definitely! Our vision is to create the most effective and easy user interface script that allows you to easily install the product on your server with a few clicks and without the hassle of knowing any programming language or code!

How many copies of the software can I install? One. Similar to most software, each installed instance of the program requires its own license. In other words, if you want to install it on 2 different domains you must own two licenses. However you are allowed to install one additional copy for web development, testing or backup purposes and as long as it's not used publicly. Please note that if you would like to change the domain name, then you don't need to buy another license.

Can I host it under my server ? Yes, you have full freedom to choose the hosting company.
Our Product runs on PHP Mysql driven servers regardless the OS environments. You are free to host this application anywhere you like. Before hosting you have to make sure the availability of following environments:

  • PHP 5.2.8 or later
  • MySQL 5.0.x
  • mod_rewrite
  • IonCube Loader version 4.4.4 or later

As long as your server supports above tools, Please be rest assured that, our application will run on your platform. Off course you are most welcome to host with us :)

How do I receive the product after my purchase? Definitely! Upon purchase, you will receive an instant notification via email with the download details of your product, as well as access to the Eicra client area, where you can download your software.

If you have not received your email notification, please check your spam filter or spam software has not filtered or deleted the email.

Do I need root access to install this? No, you do not need root access to install any Interspire product, just FTP access.

Does the script come in any other languages? This application comes with English only by default. However, we include all of the language used on the system in a single language pack, which makes translation very simple. In addition, you can find third party language packs on our third party plugins page.

Can the script be translated into another language? Yes, very easily! We include all of the language used on the system in a single language pack, which makes translation very simple. For more information about how to translate this script, refer to this documentation article.

Is my billing information kept private when I purchase? Absolutely. In fact, we never see or store your billing information on our servers. Your information is processed via 2checkout's secure payment gateway.

Can I get a custom quote on bulk license purchasing? Yes, we can provide substantial discounts for multiple (above 05) license purchasing. Please contact us using the contact form with information on how many licenses you're interested in purchasing and whether you are purchasing on behalf of a web development firm. We will respond promptly with a price quote.

Do I have to buy a new license every year? When you purchase our software license you own it forever and can use it for as long as you like. Each license purchase includes 12 months of support and access to the downloads area where you can download the latest updates and plugins. After 6 months, if you would like to continue receiving support and accessing the downloads area you may renew it for only $99

I want to purchase more than five licenses. Is there a discount? Yes. We offer substantial discounts for purchases that include more than five licenses. Please contact us and let us know how many licenses you need.

The support and maintenance package includes:

  1. Access to official email support.
    If you have a problem, email and we will try to help you.
  2. Access to all major product versions released while the subscription is valid.
    Major versions have a two-digit release number (x.x). Thus release 3.0 is a major release, as is release 3.5. Minor versions have a release number (x.x.x). Release 3.0.1 is a minor release.
    Even when your upgrade and support package runs out, you can still upgrade minor releases for your major release.

The first year of support and maintenance package is free. When it expires and you want support, or want to upgrade to a new version, you will need to renew your subscription. Price depends upon the license you have purchased.