Accommodation booking system

The Script for accommodation reservation software is especially designed with a purpose to enhance the overall view and functioning of your business site. It adds many extra features and specifications to your site, which may help you, provide better services to your intended audiences and reach a huge amount of targeted audience at the same time.

You get many added benefits that you get with the use of this software and scripts. The most exciting benefit is that you save lots of money and time by applying these applications to your business site. If you have, the software installed on your system, then you need not hire any expert or IT professional to perform the job for you as any person with basic knowledge of computers can handle the job effortlessly and provide effective outcomes. This Script for hotel reservation software is designed in a manner that managing data and adding or deleting any post or information to your portal becomes easy.

Mobie Template

Fully integrated dynamic layout with the main online version, but specifically designed for the mobile devices. Hotle reservation software lets you stay in control even when you’re away from your desk. If you have knowledge of web designing, the default theme can be customization and it will allow you to easily create a unique mobile theme for your community.

Hotel booking script connect and reach your customers from anywhere. The mobile has been built from the ground up to responsive layout that you’re familiar with.

The screenshots below will give you a feel of how it looks and works before you buy. You can also check our demo through mobile devices to feel how it would look before ordering.

Product Gallery

Easily create your own photo album on the internet. You can have your gallery up and running within 5 minutes with unlimited albums and photos. For faster upload there is the multi-image uploader tool in admin area where you can upload thousands of images at once. You can protect your photos from theft by watermarking them either with text or image, and prevent hotlinking (optional). If you want your visitors can rate or comment them. With the photo editor you can crop, rotate, blur, darken, lighten and more, your photos online.

Some Key Features:
  • Unlimited albums, subalbums and photos
  • Picture comments and ratings,
  • Multi-image uploading option
  • Unlimited Categories and Sub-categories (it uses directories)
  • On-the-fly Thumbnail/Low resolution picture generation
  • Highly customizable layout, separated layout(HTML) from functional code, this allows easy creation of new themes
  • Short and long description of galleries/directories and photos
  • Screenshots for files to be downloaded, movie, audio, exe or whatever
  • Password protection for your private galleries
  • Integrated SEO module (for good search engine rankings)
  • Integrated Javascript slideshow module
  • Caching of all generated thumbnails and resized pictures (browser and server side)
  • Hotlinking prevention (optional)
  • Template driven(code is separated from design)
  • Automatic generation of thumbnails and intermediate photos (sizeable via admin panel)
  • Show latest, favorite and random photos
  • Admin section for creating new directories, uploading photos (works even with PHP safe_mode=on),Uploading ZIP Files preserving directory structure
  • Simple and easy admin management
  • Many more….

News & Article Publications

Our News addon is an ultimate set of functionality to build a site where people can post their own articles & reviews. You just choose your own niche, whether it's a products review, a sport site, a music site or just a general articles site. It's very flexible and you can easily customize it without any guru knowledge of programming. It's just the short list of things that visitors can do. Every new version brings new functionality as we are constantly improving our articles software. So, visitors can:

Some Key Features:
  • Create Account
  • Search Articles & Reviews
  • Read Articles & Reviews
  • SEO friendly URL's
  • More secure WYSIWYG author editor and image uploading
  • Rate Articles & Reviews, Accounts
  • Compatible & Enhanced cross-browser compatibility
  • Auto breadcrumbs for easy backward navigation
  • View latest published articles
  • View most popular authors
  • View and read most popular articles
  • Edit Account Details
  • Upload Pictures
  • Change Password
  • Post/Modify Articles & Reviews
  • Related article list displayed
  • Powerful Search facility

Publication Dynamic AD

Our Ad tool is fully featured and support customizable classified Ads as per your requirements.

Our Ad Manager Pro is the most complete ad management solution available. It's a very flexible system, you can use it for one or more of these purposes:

Manage ads on your site(s): Ad Manager Pro has a lot of advanced features, for example a support for any number of ad sizes, an option to use classic banners (jpg, png, gif, swf formats), plain text/HTML ads as well as ads based on templates. There is available a real time and historical statistic, advertising and publishing accounts, all public pages are based on templates (all pages are editable in any HTML editor) and many more.

Ads by zones : Unlimited number of zones (places where you display ads), these may be on the same server where the ad system runs or on remote servers.

Ad blocks: Adserver comes with predefined adblocks. Admin can create new adblocks for his requirements easily. Ad display units are created based on these adblocks. Various options like adunit for search, adunit for content, adunit for wap page are available.

Show ads in unlimited web sites: Administrator/publisher can place the ad code now in any number of web sites and can increase clicks and revenue.

Code for Search/Content: Publisher/Admin can generate the ad display code for his search engine or for a content page. Content page ads will automatically identify the content of the page based on the title and meta tags and will display relevant ads.

Some Key Features:
  • Sell impressions and/or clicks to advertisers.
  • Purchase impressions and/or clicks from publishers.
  • These features may bring you an interesting income.

Project / File Management

Administrator can create users and set their permissions (what users can see and do, what kind of files upload, set bandwidth limits, filesize limits). Users can (depending on permissions) upload/delete their files, see all uploaded files, delete any file, edit their file.

It Enable your clients and colleagues to upload files to your Web site, using their Web browser. Access, upload and organize documents - faster and safer than FTP. Upload HUGE files (CAD files, CDs and even DVDs) and entire folders by drag and drop. New: progress bar for uploading. MULTILANGUAGE support. Customizable interfaces/templates. Each user can have his own separate home folder, or more users can share the same folder. Featuring an advanced (web 2.0) interface, tested for high usability. SHARE folders between users.

Some Key Features:
  • Admin can now select upload directory before uploading file
  • Added option to download activity logs in CSV format
  • Added option to delete activity logs
  • Added option to enable user registrations (with notifications to admin and user)
  • Added option to enable new user auto-approval
  • Added forgot password option
  • Fixed download issue, now you have to be logged in in order to download file

Theme Customization

Eicra Soft allows you to order for custom design theme and templates. Whether you need an appealing website design or complex website programming and installation services using the latest and most up-to-date technologies and industry trends – We possess the required experience and expertise for all of these. We support a full-cycle development process from requirements determination and composing a specification, architecture design, coding and testing to product maintenance and support. Our high qualified professionals will guide you through each phase of development process providing you with a quality advice in technological and other aspects.

Our professional maintenance programs are based on long-term relationships with our customers – partnership as a means to solve problems underlies the relationships. An extensive customer base testifies that our services are highly valued for complex management of the entire development process. Our qualified development and management team constantly search for new tools to meet the customers’ requirements. We continue to expand product offerings focusing our attention on solutions highly valuable for our customers.

Some Key Features:
  • Custom website design / theme.
  • Custom Business logic integration
  • Php development of some minor change to logic
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Another important aspect of this web applications is that the customers love it. Customers seek for various choices and systematic procedure. This software adds many features through which your client can sort hotel rooms and accommodations by the different type's of options you provide them. If you have, the application installed in your system, then finding the right accommodation reservation system or in any other country will not be an issue for your clients. Since there are different types of applications sold in the market, you need to find the right one that suits your type of business. Once you find one you can rest assured for quality and reliable services and your clients will definitely love your services and it makes your site more convenient.