Hotel Travel XML Affiliate API Integration
We are often asked what APIs we support. We've spent over years of years perfecting a technology platform that makes it incredibly easy for your customers to find and book the perfect hotel for each journey. And we're making it even better every day. The top level is that we do not integrate with any 3rd party systems but we do have the following API interfaces:

All product data (descriptions, images, dates, prices, availability) and booking capability is available via a marketplace API in live XML or JSON format.

Therefore in short, the API based reservation system displays real time status of available airlines, hotels, packages, routes, check-in time, arrival time etc (through API) and invite customer to order and create invoice.

How many API(s) do you support?
Answer: Here is the list we support so far. We are still improving and expanding the list continuously.

XML's based API Integration
SL XML API VENDORS API Affiliate Integration
01 Wego API The Wego API will enables you to build a customised travel search experience on your website or mobile application with almost all the features and functions of the Wego site.
02 Expedia API Expedia is a world leader in travel and technology, and the EAN Developer Hub gives developers free access to a set of APIs that power websites, mobile apps, and much more.
03 Hotels Pro Hotelspro provides online platform to travel agents for hotel bookings on its portal and also provide hotel API to get the dynamic data integrated on their web portal as well.

Iframe based White Label API Integration
SL WHITE LABEL VENDORS API Affiliate Integration
01 Travel Start Travelstart affiliate partnership program is a paid referral system.
02 Search box that you can customize to fit your own website.

Affiliate API features include
Customizable and User-friendly B2B or B2C interface.
Common search and reservation interface for all XML suppliers.
Your brand promotion.
Multiple selling currencies across global geographies.
Pre and post technical support and guidance.