Why accommodation booking script ?

Our online reservation software systems are completely transportable and customizable. This has allowed guests to make their reservations process easy. This reservation software system supports both API version & database version. There are many providers that offer these services. Opt for a reliable and trustworthy among all. You can also browse through the customer feedback and testimonials to get an overview of their services. This software is customized based on your business needs and requirements. You can add contact information such as telephone, fax, email, hotel class, and more. The services offered by them are affordable and can fit in your limited budget. If you have any queries, you can contact the customer service which is available round the clock. This system has been built with flexibility that allows font end branding as well as multiple languages and templates.

Why Should I Buy?
Here at Eicra we'll do anything and everything in our power to keep our customers happy. With this, hotel booking software, various tasks can be integrated such as booking of rooms, generating customer invoices, booking venues and more. This software has been introduced in order to facilitate booking via your website and invoice them for payment. Having a website alone is not enough if you do not have an online booking system integrated with it. It has great features such as advanced hotel search by customized parameters such as city, room types, price, services and more. Furthermore, it offers complete control over the inventory comprising of room allocation and corresponding room rates. With this, you can create invoice online reservation. It supports various payment modes such as PayPal, 2checkout and Alertpay and also offline payments. It is easy to administer. To make their search easy you can also add detailed information on hotels, description, facilities, photo gallery and more. This web based application has actually hotel booking online easy and simple. This application is specifically designed to simplify the task of hotel booking. It offers a provider a unique, user friendly and easy to use interface that has greatly helped in the improvement of the way people make use of web.

Here are a few reasons to become an Interspire customer:
  1. Many business owners prefer to use online reservation software systems as it comes with various advanced features. With the help of these features you can maintain all the records of the business in systematic arrangements. This software also allows you to operate with ease at the same time customize the hotel website according to the needs and requirements. Other than this you can easily categorize between the location, rooms, class and other options for the better understanding of the visitors. This software proves very helpful as it allows you to customize every aspect of the website. In addition, you can also add the new customize aspect in the hotel search to make easier for the visitors. The custom forms and different payment options are also being maintained as well as managed through the advanced search.
  2. It is easier to book for the reservation of the rooms for the hotels and the customers with online reservation software systems. At the same time you can also control the inventory for the room allocation and corresponding room rates. This software makes the work of the administrator easy as they can edit as well as manage all the admin work through the content management systems. There are different types of themes available for the reservation booking system which the admin can changes according to the requirements. Through this software you can provide the customers with different types of online payment options. With this you also get freedom from integrating customized API.
  3. There are many packages provided for the customers at different prices. According to the needs and requirements the customers can opt for it. The business owners can follow the instruction and the procedures to download the software. Before downloading the online reservation software systems it is advisable to go through the terms and conditions of the service providers. Make sure that the company you are dealing with hiring hard working developers that write the script for hotel reservation software. If you are looking forward to involve this software in the business you can browse through the website of the service providers and get all the information. In case you come across any doubt you can get in touch with them through the contact details given on the website. Introduce this software in the business and boost up the productivity.
  4. Our products are always under constant development and refinement. All of our products are mature, stable and most importantly real business solutions -- we even use our products to power our web sites.
  5. Whether you're a small, medium or large company, we offer a flexible, affordable licensing structure that's right for you. Just starting out? Not a problem. Purchase a single user license for one of our products now, and as you get more clients you can add more users.
  6. Our software is easy to integrate. For example, it's easy to integrate Interspire Email Marketer into Interspire Shopping Cart with just a few clicks. No coding required.
  7. We are a software company staffed by a team of passionate, experienced people. We have dedicated teams of software developers, product managers, marketing staff and customer support professionals. We have big plans to dominate the web-based software industry and that all starts with creating the best, most easy-to-use software we can.
  8. Full product support - Quick turnaround, fast and friendly support when you face any issues with the scripts, we are here to assist you right away.
  9. Low initial cost - You don't spend a fortune to bring your idea into life.
  10. Post sale support - Free 12 Month after sales support with upgrades.
  11. Finally, we maintain superb customer support.

The site admin will have a better control over the reservation mode such as booking with or without advance payment. It will give the power to people in cancelling their booking at anytime of the day. In this process, the admin can decide the penalty on the cancellation. This script supports online payment for the convenience of the people. It accepts the major payment gateways such as Paypal, Google checkout, World pay, and so on. Apart from this, the software allows people to make payment using offline options. With this script, the admin has superior control on the website and reservation system. It makes the management task simpler and save a substantial amount of time. The software is easy to manage and offered at reasonable price.